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Dan Broughton Royal Guard Porn Actor

Immediately after hearing that one of the Royal Guards escorting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was an openly gay we did some research for our readers. What we discovered we hope you appreciate as much as we do. Dan Broughton is a member of the Queens Blues and Royals Household Calvary of Queen Elizabeth II. He is an aspiring erotic model ( see photo links in the article) and a porn actor ( see videos after the jump.) Mr. Broughton 's Twitter keeps his fans alert to his activities. Here are several images which jumped out at us on the Internet. Dan posing seductively as a fireman is tantalizing. In a casual modeling pose one can sense his prowess and this composite photograph of him in a selfies wearing underwear alongside him in Calvary uniform with two of his peers. This image of Dan holding towel also displays a beautiful bubble butt. Hardcore images of Dan being receiving blowjob and being fucked and more fucking are enough to make one moist. We've included four videos located on the Internet of his exploits after the jump . Delicious.

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In this video clip Dan fucks a very sexy young boy in what appears to be a gym setting. Broughton plows the boys as with mater skill - almost like a Calvary scout! We cannot get enough of this inked up versatile stud and his wares. There's plenty more videos of Dan in cyberspace. Happy hunting!

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