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January 8, 2022

officiallywilliam: Mr. Good Dick

William was very popular on Tumblr years ago for obvious reasons. Too nad for us it was before OnlyFans became popular. Williams exhibitionism and internet footprint savvy was ahead of his time. Al of his earlier Tumblr videos are lost except for the few we've managed to netgrab for our readers. He's handsome. He has a humongous meatsicle and boys loved him. Although he's allegedly happily married living in some small city we are fortunate that the Internet is forever. We've managed to pull together several images and a few videos for you to enjoy.

The dick is strong in this one. Very huge dick . One of the prettiest dicks we've ever seen on the Internet. We marvel at this enormously huge dick. Its a sight to behold this guys massive dick!

The man had some very good dick and represented masculinity well. If you have an information about Williams current situation or social media accounts please comment below or sent us an email. His multitudes of adorning horny thirsty fans would appreciate the update.

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May 19, 2022


This series of Straight boys being baited has twenty-something installments! They ar from the defunct website 'Starightboyz.Com" featuring this library but it no longer exists. But like everything on the internet, once posted it archived for eternity! The link provided is our landing page for all twenty-something videos in our archives. The videos features one guy who baits gorgeous young men for sex. Happy Trails! [Click here to view Now! ] Enjoy. We're only make this one post instead of doing our usual posts on every video in this archive. It is suggested that readers login to their members profile and browse for additional content in the future. We wont be making "group videos" posts on the blogs. New content is available via your members profiles logins. Alternatively, not all videos in the forum are posted on this blog.

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